Working Bees or Relaxing Bees

The general concept that in a nest of bees, Queen bee get all the time rest, eat and lays eggs, and the working bees do all the work. Working bees are responsible to collect food not only for them self as well as for the Queen bee plus baby bees. they are to protect nest from the enemies, they have to keep continue struggle for finding suitable places for the nest and have to grow up little larva until they are not grown enough. So the young bees have to repeat the same exercise like other working bees. This is true that all the bees or most of them born from the queen eggs, so why not they are Prince or Princess bees they are just a ordinary worker bees. Amazing but in the real world king/queen daughter/son normally called princess/prince beside she/he have same qualities to achieve these respects, Oh God! human are the most stupid or like to become stupid we don’t learns from nature. I don’t want to quote the recent incident happen with the royal family member. But here in this world is a company called ” Byss Services Inc” where the Queen Bee “The CEO” works more then any of working bees “The employees”, In this company CEO works to feds his employees, he the do most of the physical works and employees make policies. This makes the Byss Service Inc different from the other companies. This is the company where employees want to works any time of the day, employees Loves their employer. This is the most progressive company, where we are changing the nature of human and bring diversification not only in business but in human nature too.


A Tip For Interpersonal Relationships

Let’s face it some relationships have a tendency to relive or revive arguments. What I tried one time was to start the conversation by saying:

There is one simple rule for our meeting today. Throughout the course of the meeting everything I (or it could be you) say is “right”. Once I have finished and gone home feel free to criticize what I say to your heart’s content. But I repeat everything I say throughout the course of the meeting is (for practical purposes) right.

It actually works. And it will be integrated into the curriculum of the Co-Incidents Recovery Program.